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Time to Dump Your MC-36

With Nikon's new apps you can now control the camera remotely using a smartphone.

Whoa, what a BIG BIG thing in the history of photography!

It's 2016 now...

Nikon's official link:

Post on 2016.4.20

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Exhibition on Black and White Reversals
(Through end of September 2014)

Part of the Hong Kong Makes Sense project, this exhibition touches upon black-and-white reversal processing, one of the rarest and nearly forgotten darkroom techniques.

Unlike ordinary film photography, you can't simply drop your rolls of black and white film at a photo lab nearby and pick up the processed transparencies a few hours later. Go to the exhibition and see how Eddy Hui and his friends overcame various challenges and produce eye-catching black-and-white slides.

Every Wednesday and Saturday night in September 2014
Demonstration sessions on B&W reversal processing on September 6 and 9.

1/F, Sense 99
99 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong

Free admission